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Em-eukal sweets hamper.

WIN an Em-eukal sugar free sweets hamper worth R240.00 each!

Treat yourself to a new taste sensation with a packet of Em-eukal sweets. 

These mouth-watering, sugar-free sweets will suit the health conscious and those trying to cut down on their sugar intake.

Em-eukal sweets come in four delicious flavours: Eucalyptus (fresh minty), Ginger-Orange (spicy citrus), Lemon (refreshingly tangy) & Salvia (zesty sage). 

Each flavour is a taste sensation and as the sweets slowly melt in the mouth, their distinctive flavours can be slowly savoured.


Name 1 flavour of Em-eukal sweets.
Competition closing date: Mon 30th April 2018
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Name one language option the Smart-Kids book set is available in?
Competition closing date: Sat 30th June 2018
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