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Saving is child’s play with smart second-hand shopping

Online since 4.10.2017 • Filed under Feature • From Issue Fifteen - October to December 2017 page(s) 38
Saving is child’s play with smart second-hand shopping

Whether you’re welcoming a little one for the first time or adding a new sibling to a growing family, the financial pressures of parenting can be overwhelming as costs of living continue to rise.

A new baby comes with a host of expenses from medical care to nursery items, travel equipment and nappies. But the good news is that there are several ways to get smart about saving.

According to a 2016 survey conducted by Gumtree South Africa and Tums2Tots Online, South African moms tend to hold on to valuable baby goods long after their tots have outgrown them. ‘10% of women surveyed had at least R40 000 worth of unused baby goods taking up space in their homes.

The items are typically purchased during pregnancy or the first few years of a child’s life, but are then relegated to the garage or spare room to gather dust,’ says Claire Cobbledick, head of core business for Gumtree South Africa. The items that most often lie dormant are car seats (34%), carriers (20%), baths (34%) and high chairs (15%) – though the biggest culprits by far are baby clothes (41%) and toys (50%).

‘Families tend to overspend on clothes and toys, buying far more than their baby needs. They’re also the items we’re least likely to sell. Most people end up giving them away when they could recover some of the expense,’ says Claire. Some parents are reluctant to buy pre-owned baby and kids’ goods because of a perception that second-hand means lower quality. However, the survey results suggest that many of these items are more likely to have been stored than used. With a savvy eye for quality, you can spot good deals that’ll add up to great savings, which can then be used to fund the next round of goods for your growing little one.

A new car seat costs up to R3 000, but you can also find a perfectly good one for R1 000 on Gumtree – a significant saving on a must-have item. Top tip: before purchasing your pre-owned car seat, double check the safety features and ask your seller if it’s ever been in an accident.

A stroller could cost you between R2 600 and R6 999, depending on its specs. However, the average secondhand price is around R1 400, including all the extra bits and bobs. A cot, which can cost up to R2 500 new, goes for around R1 500 second hand.

Opting for pre-owned over new on these three essential items alone could save you as much as R6 000. From hand-knitted baby booties and cute toddler outfits, to state-of-the-art strollers and car seats, it’s easy to save when you shop second-hand. With over 15 000 baby and kids listings on Gumtree, you’re bound to find everything your little one needs, for less. Go and see for yourself at

Issue Fifteen - October to December 2017

Issue Fifteen - October to December 2017

This article was featured on page 38 of Babys and Beyond Issue Fifteen - October to December 2017 .

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