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Preparation for birth and breastfeeding

Written by By Lynne Bluff • Online since 15.01.2018 • Filed under Feature • From Sixteen - January to March 2018 page(s) 27-28
Preparation for birth and breastfeeding

Preparing well in advance for the birth of your baby will give you much peace of mind as the final big day approaches. Here are some tips for the last few weeks and days of your pregnancy.

Birth is such an awesome and exciting event.

However, as pregnancy progresses into its final stages you will be faced with various physical challenges where just standing up has become a process on its own. Therefore, it is important to always take care of your health, fitness levels and continuing to prepare for the arrival of your baby. There is nothing as amazing as knowing that you have prepared well ahead for the birth of your preciousmiracle and breastfeeding moments you will have together.


A few tips for those last few weeks and days of pregnancy:

• Make sure you are eating healthily to keep up your energy levels for the hard work of labour ahead.

Similac Mom provides you with all the special nutrients that you need for this time.

• Keep Similac Mom close at hand for those days ahead when you will be breastfeeding. While you are breastfeeding, have a glass of Similac

Mom next to you, not only to quench the extra breastfeeding thirst, but to also make sure you have the correct nutrition for both you and your baby during these precious times

• Rest during the day – you never know when you might go into labour so never let yourself get really tired because that is the day you probably will go into labour. If you are tired when labour starts, you start at such a disadvantage, rather start labour feeling refreshed and with high energy levels.

• Stay active so you keep up your fitness levels.

• Make sure your bags are packed and ready for labour. Keep them with you if you go far from home.

• Make sure you have discussed your birth plan with the doctor/midwife and the hospital where you will be delivering to ensure everyone is on the same page as you.

• Practice your skills learnt at childbirth education classes together with your birth partner.

• Make sure you have a lactation consultant’s number saved in your phone in case you need one in those early days of breastfeeding.

• Ensure you do a breastfeeding course. Knowledge is very empowering and helpful for this new skill that will be required of you.

• In the lead-up to the birth, know your baby’s normal movements. Be aware that your baby should move nicely every day. Your baby should move 10 times in less than two hours. A quicker but as reliable method, is three kicks in an hour. You know your baby is fit and healthy by feeling him move. He has times of sleeping, too, so won’t be moving 24/7. If you cannot feel your baby moving, have something sweet to eat and drink and then do what generally gets your baby moving – for some it is to take a bath, others it’s lying down.

If you are concerned your baby isn’t moving as well as usual, or is moving far more than normal, contact your caregiver or the labour ward at the hospital. Towards the end of pregnancy, your baby may move differently – fewer but bigger movements.

• Spend lots of time communicating with your partner as you prepare for labour together, as well as about your new journey together as parents.

Enjoy this time. Your pregnancy will soon be over and you will have lots of new skills to learn.


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Lynne Bluff is a registered nurse and midwife, an internationally-certified childbirth educator, editor of the

Expectant Mothers Guide, national coordinator of the Childbirth

Educator’s Professional Forum and a mother to Jason and

Tamii. To find a childbirth educator in your area, visit or

Sixteen - January to March 2018

Sixteen - January to March 2018

This article was featured on page 27-28 of Babys and Beyond Sixteen - January to March 2018 .

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