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Ten tips for the transition from Gr 0 to Gr 1

Written by By Lani Fikkert, Grade 1 teacher at Pecanwood College: Preparatory • Online since 18.01.2018 • Filed under Education • From Sixteen - January to March 2018 page(s) 68
Ten tips for the transition from Gr 0 to Gr 1

Children often experience fear and anxiety when they start a new school year, especially in Grade 1, so it’s important for parents and teachers to support children making the transition from Grade 0 to Grade 1 as much as possible.

Starting primary school affects the whole household. Family plays an important role in the preparation for primary school and their love and support will be invaluable for the child during this time of change. So how do we help our children make a calm and comfortable transition from Grade 0 to Grade 1? Here are ten tips to provide some guidance for anxious parents and siblings:

1. Make sure your child is familiar with the school. Walk around the school building and show your child their class and playground a few days before school starts. This will make your child feel more secure.

2. Attend the orientation day. If children can meet their teacher and see their classroom, they will feel more comfortable when they start their school year.

3. Introduce an earlier bed time a few days before school starts to give your child time to adjust to the new sleep routine and ensure a well-rested little one on the first day of school.

4. Start settling into a routine during the week as soon as possible. Children feel safe and secure when they know what to expect each day.

5. Help your child think ahead. Before bedtime, review plans for the next day with your child. This can make him feel more secure. Also help him to pack his own school bag the night before.

6. Create an organised work space at home for homework and projects. Make sure that children have enough stationary and equipment. They are motivated when they have a variety of colours and materials available to them.

7. Make time in the day to read to your child. This is a way of spending quality time together where they feel calm and content, encouraging them to open up to you about their experiences and feelings. Make use of this time to find out how your child’s day was or how he feels about different situations.

8. Encourage social interaction with peers. If your child is new, or in a new class with different friends, he will feel more content if he knows other children. When school starts, organise a playdate for your child to socialise and get to know his friends.

9. Encourage independence, which creates confidence. Give your child a few more chores to do around the house. Let him carry his own bag to his classroom and take more responsibility. This will motivate him to commit to tasks and feel a sense of achievement in other areas of learning at school.

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Sixteen - January to March 2018

Sixteen - January to March 2018

This article was featured on page 68 of Babys and Beyond Sixteen - January to March 2018 .

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